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Welcome to the Aosta Valley !

Vieilles maisons d'Introd - Case Vacanza in Valle d'Aosta



Introd is situated at 15 km from Aosta at the beginning of the Valleys of Rhêmes and Valsavarenche (the distance for Rhemes Notre Dame is 13 km and for Valsavarenche is 15 km) two of the three valleys belonging to the National Park of Gran Paradiso situated at 880 metres of altitude. The name of the park comes from the word “Interaquas“ which means -in French - between two rivers: the river Dora of Rhêmes and the river Savara. The geographical position of the village, at the feet of the National Park of Gran Paradiso, gives the possibility to reach a system of several tracks and hikes or mountain bike rides during the summer season. During the winter season Introd offers paths for snowshoes and its perfect position allows to reach easily the downhill and the cross country resorts of the Valley.

The villagers of Introd speaks still today French, Italian ( the two official languages of Aosta Valley) and Patois, the Franco – Provençal dialect which is common in the three alpine regions at the feet of Mount Blanc (Aosta Valley, Switzerland and Savoy).

The village of Introd is also known for being a very loved place by the Supreme Pontiff. Here the two popes passed their holidays relaxing during their mountain hikes, doing intense prayers, reading and thinking and having special moments surrounded by the stillness and beauty of the nature.

For 10 times from 1989 until 2004 Les Combes hosted the Blessed Pope Giovanni Paolo II and in summer 2009 Pope Benedetto XVI has returned for the third time after his holidays of 2005 and 2006.

The castle of Introd which dates back to 1260 has maintained his original features, the castle was desired by Pierre de Sarriod who became Lord of Introd. Closed to the castle a farm house called “Cascina Ola” is worth a visit. It’s a traditional rural building made in wood and masonry of the sixtheenth century.

The 1500’s parish church of San Paolo revised in later ages is a real baroque masterpiece especially for its high altar carved in wood.

In Les Combes (which can be reached also with a pleasant walk of about one hour and 20 minutes with a difference in heigh of 460 metres) you can find the museum dedicated to the Blessed Pope Giovanni Paolo II.

In the village of Villes-Dessus you can visit the wildlife park called “Parc Animalier” where you can admire wild animals typical of the Apine area in their natural habitat.

Don’t miss the “Maison Bruil” one of the most important example of rural architecture of the Gran Paradiso Valley. The building houses a museum on traditional food and the laboratories called “Atelier du goût”.

A further interesting spot is the bridge built during World War I on a chasm of more than 80 metres high, a real architectural masterpiece and the highest bridge of Aosta Valley.

In July 2011 during the excavations for the extension works of the nursery school of the village, some well preserved remains of a woman who lived about 5.000 years ago have been found. The woman is temporary called “The Lady of Introd”; the age of the skeleton is comparable to the Man of Similaun.

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Vieilles maisons d'Introd - Case Vacanza in Valle d'Aosta